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What are stock Cabinets ?

A: Pre-made kitchen cabinets are sometimes referred to as stock cabinets.

Can I mix custom and pre-made Cabinets ?

A: We can mix and match custom and pre-made kitchen cabinets to give you the look of custom at a more affordable price.

Are pre-built cabinets in stock ?

A: They are made ahead of time in standard sizes.

What are custom Cabinets ?

A: Custom made kitchen cabinets are made to order. Each cabinet is made by hand to specifically fit your kitchen.

Are pre-built cabinets cheaper ?

A: Pre-made cabinetry is often a more cost effective option. The lower price does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Our pre-made cabinets feature solid construction and are built-to-last.

Custom cabinets really custom ?

A: You have greater control over the look when you opt to install custom kitchen cabinetry. Since the cabinets are made to order you will have almost limitless options in terms of the materials and look.

Syncron Series

G&M Design kitchen cabinets delray beach

Lioher Enterprise introduces you the STRUCTURED SYNCRON LINE PANEL range products. A selection of modern structures, applied on vanguard designs, which give an  naturalness and high decorative level to the panels.For greater versatility the STRUCTURED SYNCRON LINE PANEL is supplied in various thicknesses, which facilitates its application in all types of furniture, interior and decoration projects.

High Resistance Scratched
Stain Resistance
Antibacterial Treatment

G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Ice Cream Colors.

G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Évora Colors.

G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Ida Colors.

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G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Olmo Colors.

G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Muratti Colors.

G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Frappé Colors.

G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Oxid Colors.

G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Anniversary OAK Colors.

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G&M Design kitchen cabinet

OAK Colors.

G&M Design kitchen cabinet

Como Ash Colors.

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